Living – The Wine Rack

As reported last week, the kitchen is spick and span after the decluttering and cleaning. The last thing I did was take a good look at the wine rack. Although for space reasons my wine rack is located right behind the kitchen door and, therefore, out of sight, I am very attached to the thing.

More than over a decade ago, I worked for a company who gave out free shares to their employees. Around the time the company made major changes, I detected a wine rack on wheels at Habitat. At that time in my life I was a little “financially challenged” and forking over 150 Deutsche Mark for a wine rack seemed very  unreasonable. Then with the company changes I decided to cash in my shares, and the first thing I bought was the wine rack.

At first I used it for the few wine bottles I owned and filled the rest of it with water bottles. I am by no means a wine connoisseur; for me it’s usually that I know what I like, so when I have wine at friends’ and like it, I tend to buy a few bottles of that. I’m not confident enough to choose wine in a shop. I like Shiraz and Merlot (I only drink red) but with the vast amount of wines you get it would be a case of trial and error, and that can get expensive.


So my wine rack was stacked with two or three wines I knew I liked as well as bottles I’ve been gifted by dinner guests. They have excellent taste, so I usually like those, too. And then there were those bottles… the ones I’d been given by an acquaintance who used to own a wine shop, a very long time ago. They moved house and brought a lot of bottles to one of my parties. On opening a few of them they had already turned to vinegar.

When I pulled out my wine rack from behind the door with bottles that were as dusty as if they’d been stored in a wine cellar, I poured about half of the wines down the drain. The corks broke on opening, and the colour and smell told me my decision was the right one.

So now I’ve only got half a wine rack full of wines, but definitely good ones. As for the other half, I’m now storing my bottles of olive oil and water there as well. It’s a pity, really, that the wine rack isn’t visible in my kitchen and has to be hidden behind the doors, because that is one investment I’m glad I made.