Watermelon Ice Cream

Watermelon Ice Cream 03

Hope you won’t be yawning with boredom when you read that I made ice cream after the same basic recipe again… About three years ago, I discovered Nigella Lawson’s margarita ice cream, which is based on cream and icing sugar, takes only about 10 minutes to make and doesn’t need an ice cream maker nor  stirring once in the freezer.

So over the years I’ve been making many flavours, adding fruit, alcohol or juices to the cream & icing sugar mix. Two weeks ago I made rhubarb ice cream and it turned out really well. It was very creamy and the sour-ish rhubarb complemented the sweet-ish cream and icing sugar.

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 Last weekend I happened to a have a too-large piece of watermelon in the fridge that I didn’t really know what to do with. The watermelon already had a sweet flavour but it wasn’t as sweet as it would be in late summer. The only thing that came to mind was ice cream. My intention was to use up most of the watermelon but that was a bit delusional. I realised straight away that I wouldn’t have the patience to pick out the pips from this huge piece of fruit, and in the end I didn’t even use up a quarter of it. Still, liquid-wise I got about as much out of it as I did out of the rhubarb the week before.

The difference between the two types of ice cream was that the rhubarb was creamier, because the watermelon – duh! 🙂 – contained more water. The watermelon ice cream crystallised more but taste-wise it turned out perfect. It also came out pretty colourful.

Putting aside the unpleasant task of pip-picking, this effort was well worthwhile, and once the pips were out, the whole thing took 10 minutes to make. Definitely recommended, and I’d serve this to guests.

Watermelon Ice Cream 01

Watermelon Ice Cream

  • Servings: 500 ml
  • Difficulty: easy
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400 g watermelon [weighed with rind + pips removed]
500 ml cream [heavy cream if available]
250 g icing sugar

Cut watermelon into smaller pieces and purée / blend until completely liquid.

Mix cream with icing sugar [handheld mixer or blender], just enough so that they’re combined. Add the watermelon juice and mix again – the mixture should thicken slightly but do not whip it as if you would whip cream. Pour into a freezer container and let set for approximately 4 hours, or overnight.

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