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DFN - Living - Kitchen Cleaning

I feel like shouting out a big HALLELUJAH, although without any religious intent. What you see above is (a part of) my kitchen in its final stages of spring cleaning and total decluttering.

Tiles, ceramic hob, stainless steel dishwasher and sink are gleaming. I had just cleaned the wall-cupboard and  taken down the tins of tea that were stored on top. Half of those went into the bin.

During last week’s long weekend – four days off due to a public holiday – I had first taken everything that wasn’t screwed to a wall out of the kitchen, appliances, boxes of bottles, what seemed like tons of preserving jars etc, and put it all in the hall. You don’t want to know what the hall looked like during those four days…

I took three huge bags of crockery, dishes, ovenware… to the charity shop and it was a huge relief.  After the cleaning session, I didn’t put the remaining stuff straight back but went through every piece (again) to see whether I really wanted/needed it. Luckily I managed to part with more stuff, and it’s really frightful to see all the things you have without ever having properly seen them because they were mostly unused.

So now everything’s fine in the kitchen, and the challenge is to keep it that way.

How do you handle your kitchen – keeping it in order and keeping its contents to the (bare) necessities?