Swabian Cuisine – Maultaschen 3 Ways

Maultaschen mit Ei 03

Here is the third and last version of our Swabian Maultaschen. After making the basic recipe and cooking them in salted water (or stock), they are then cut into slices, fried in butter, and then egg is stirred in. It’ll look a bit of a mess – it has to! – and is served with Swabian potato salad. Personally, I find this dish quite heavy and filling, so I don’t need the potato salad to go with it. This version is called geröstete – roastedMaultaschen.

There’s not much more to say about these, except that this version is just as delicious as the other two. Although – even to me – it seems like most of our dishes aren’t pretty ones, I hope you’ve enjoyed this foray into Swabian cuisine!

Maultaschen mit Ei 01

Geröstete Maultaschen

1 basic Maultaschen recipe
3 – 4 eggs

After making the basic Maultaschen recipe, cut each one into 1 – 1.5 cm thick slices.

Crack 3 – 4 eggs and whisk together well.

Fry the Maultaschen slices in plenty of butter. Once the slices are browned, pour the eggs all over them, let set for about a minute, then stir. Take off heat immediately.

Serve with Swabian potato salad.

Maultaschen mit Ei 02