Swabian Cuisine – Maultaschen 3 Ways

Geschmelzte Maultaschen 01

After last week’s basic version of Maultaschen and Maultaschensuppe, this week we’re making what we call geschmelzte Maultaschen – the melted version. The melted refers to frying them in butter, but this version is also typically served with melted (sautéed) onions that are served on top of the Maultaschen. I didn’t do that here simply because I didn’t need onions on top 🙂

To me, Maultaschen – especially compared to their Italian brothers, the ravioli – are a rustic dish, and this version looks more like it would be served at a beer garden. We made this at a friend’s last month, and rustic or not – it’s absolutely delicious. We made so many that we had enough left over for freezing and for everyone to take a bagful of them home.

Serving this version of Maultaschen with Swabian Potato Salad is a must!

Geschmelzte Maultaschen 03

Geschmelzte Maultaschen & Swabian Potato Salad

1 basic Maultaschen recipe
1 recipe Swabian potato salad
butter for frying

Prepare the potato salad and let cool a little to lukewarm.

Meanwhile, fry the Maultaschen in plenty of butter until they’re browned all over.

Serve immediately.

Geschmelzte Maultaschen 02