Sweet Potato & Wasabi Ravioli

Sweet Potato + Wasabi Ravioli 01

The other day I finally felt a little more energised again and decided to do some more decluttering and weeding out of stuff in the kitchen. Amazing, is all I can say. Both the amount of stuff (spices, sauces, baking ingredients) that were lurking in the cupboard – a lot of it waaaay past its best before date – as well as how orderly and well-stocked everything now looks.

One of the things I found was a tube of wasabi paste which I immediately put on my use now list. As I also had some fresh ingredients that needed to be made into something – namely half a tub of cream cheese and a sweet potato – I was going to put all this together as ravioli filling. So I bought some pasta dough (my pasta machine broke last year, plus it’s a real good quality dough so I have no qualms about using shop-bought) and made sweet potato & wasabi ravioli.

Sweet Potato + Wasabi Ravioli 02

I have to admit it’s not the best idea I’ve ever had, and that’s due to my oven roasting the sweet potato with a large helping of maple syrup as well as the cream cheese having a slight sweetness to it. This made the sweet potato & wasabi filling too sweet for my taste. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t use any syrup or other forms of sugar, and I’d use ricotta instead of cream cheese.

After roasting the sweet potato with a little oil and (too much) maple syrup, I puréed it and mixed it with cream cheese and the wasabi paste. Dropped a little of the mix onto the ravioli, cooked them and put aside with a little butter mixed in to avoid the ravioli sticking together.

While I assembled the ravioli, I heated some plain coconut milk and let it reduce a little. Then I dry-roasted some freshly shelled peanuts and afterwards fried the ravioli in a little butter.

If I were to make something like that again, I’d probably add peanut butter either to the coconut milk or mixed into the ravioli filling. Or both.

So with that impromptu lunch off my list, my next one will definitely be more planned out…

Sweet Potato + Wasabi Ravioli 03