Living – Note Books

How many note books does one person need? Should you have spares stashed away in (the very unlikely) case that the current ones (yes, plural…) are suddenly and miraculously going to be filled overnight? Or should you wait until you’ve filled one note book before starting on another?

I couldn’t resist this two-pack of retro-patterned booklets the other day; I did hesitate and think about it, but then came to the conclusion that you can never have enough note books. Also, I love writing by hand so prefer this to electronic note keeping.

Currently, I have three in use – one for recipe ideas, another for photography ideas, and a third for both. That third one is actually a two year old calendar – freebie from a design contractor – that looks quite stylish and was too good to throw out when I found it in my office drawer, unused.

How about you? Do you have different note books for different topics? Or have you moved completely to electronic devices for note keeping? And do you write any cooking & recipe ideas down at all, or just go in the kitchen and create?

Living - Retro Note Books