Orecchiette with Chilli & Garlic Breadcrumbs

Orecchiette + Chilli Garlic Breadcrumbs 01

It’s hard to believe, but I was on another week of sick leave this last week. Either I hadn’t fully recuperated from the flu in March, or some bug decided I was an easy victim and it was a good idea to make the most of my apparently weak immune system. I was fine the whole week before, then after a bit of decluttering the bookshelf and some cleaning wondered how this little bit of house work could make me feel so hot. Until I realised it had made me feel feverish, and it turn out that I did, indeed, have a temperature.

This meal was the last thing I cooked before all that, and the intention was to post it. So here it is, a week late. It looks very plain and simple, and that’s because it is. I didn’t feel like doing any major cooking, so I basically just chucked together a few things I like. Simple things that made a very simple meal – but simply delicious!

Orecchiette + Chilli Garlic Breadcrumbs 03

I cooked some orecchiette pasta – which for some reason I found is not available in every supermarket, even from the big brands. Once the pasta was cooked, I added some butter (okay, quite a lot of butter…) to keep it from sticking together, but also to carry the other flavours once mixed.

In a small pan, I melted some more butter – again, it needs quite an amount so the breadcrumbs don’t burn – then added some freshly chopped chilli and the breadcrumbs until these started browning slightly, then crushed in a garlic clove. This only needs to cook for a few minutes more as the garlic shouldn’t brown or burn.

I then mixed the chilli & garlic breadcrumbs with the pasta and sprinkled freshly grated lime zest on top. Served with a dollop of crème légère this made for a delicious Saturday lunch.

Orecchiette + Chilli Garlic Breadcrumbs 02

Hopefully I’ll be cooking a proper meal this weekend and be back to my healthy self after a few days more of recuperating. I’m definitely looking forward to showing up here on a more regular basis again.