Mini Black Forest Torte

Black Forest Torte 04

I baked yesterday as well as today, and I was thinking back to the beginnings of my “kitchen life”. I started getting interested in being active in the kitchen around my late teenage years, and I started out as a baker. I used to rip out recipes from magazines and bake almost every weekend, taking the cakes into work.

Black Forest Torte 03

What I’ve been pondering mostly about during baking this weekend is that in spite of starting out as a baker I totally suck at cake decorating. Maybe I’m just not interested enough, who knows. Slapping the cream onto this black forest torte, I was glad I hadn’t made a normal sized version. I’m going to try to impress you with the quality of the pictures here instead of the quality of the decorating 🙂

Nevertheless, it tastes just as it should. As with a lot of cakes today, there are tons of recipes out there, so I stuck with one from the cookery course our office team took a couple of years ago, where we made black forest torte in a jar.

Black Forest Torte 05

And this – the jar version – is actually something that you can make very quickly, especially if you have leftovers after cutting the cake base into discs. My cake had risen in the oven creating a dome, so there was lots of it left over – rip off pieces, place in jars, drizzle with Kirsch, top with the cherries & sauce, add cream, then top with a cocktail cherry (or make more layers, depending on the size of your jar). Take to the office for your dessert the next day.

By the way, my favourite thing about black forest torte – apart from tipping the slice over on my plate – is … the cocktail cherries. I really had to stop myself from opening the jar and eating them all before I even started baking!

Black Forest Torte 02

I decided against posting the recipe here as you can find tons of it on the web. Just didn’t want to waste my pictures so I’m making this more of a “look what I made post”.

Hope you’ve been enjoying your Easter weekend. It’s off to work again tomorrow for me, and I’ll be taking the torte with me lest I eat it all myself.

Black Forest Torte 01