Living – Orange Scented Candle

I love scented candles, but I can’t stand artificial scents. It has to smell natural – I have a very sensitive nose 🙂

This one – orange scented – I found last year in Boston. I keep it out on a sideboard, and I often walk past, open the lid and inhale. It’s an absolutely fantastic smell. I also like the particular shade of red of its glass container.

And here is some weirdo behaviour I have noticed in myself: I haven’t lit the candle yet, because I know once it’s burned down I won’t be able to buy another one. So it just sits there, and I keep sniffing it every now and down.

I promise, though, that one of these days I’ll light it. I recognise weird when I see it 😉

DFN - Living - Orange Scented Candle