Living – Bamboo & Silicone Utensils

This set is a fairly new addition to my kitchen. Admittedly, it’s also one of the unnecessary ones beause of course I already had a fair amount of the same kind of utensils before I bought these. What appealed to me, though, were the bamboo handles combined with the silicone, and you can take off the silicone bits and pop them in the dishwasher.

Here in Germany we have a coffee brand that also sells household items, delighting us with a new theme each week. To me it’s more a household item company selling coffee on the side, though, because I think they must be making their money mostly from those. It’s very hard sometimes to resist the pretty things they have on offer, but since I made a resolution last year to walk past their displays, knowing I don’t really need the stuff, I’ve been able to resist. Except for this once, of course πŸ™‚

DFN - Living - Bamboo Utensils