Living – Muesli, Soup or Snack Bowls

For blogging purposes, I often buy one or two pieces of props, like dishes or plates, because who has the space to store sets of 6 or 8 pieces of everything. Now and then, though, I do buy a whole set. This set of bowls started out with only 2 pieces, the pink and the light blue one, because those were the only colours available at the time. A couple of years later, the white and turquoise appeared, and just last month, I saw the darker blue and stone coloured one in my favourite little shop that I mentioned a couple of posts ago.

My thinking on the two new bowls was – they’re multi-functional, you can use them for muesli, soup, as prepping bowls…, and I already had 4, so why not make it a set of 6, because then I could actually use them when I invite people for dinner (watch this space 😉 ). And, of course, I liked the colours and they went well with the ones I already owned.

 Living - Muesli Bowls