Living – Enamel Onion Storage

The other week I picked up my sister at my parents’ and she had this little lidded enamel pot with handles with her. It was a pot to store onions in. Turned out my mother had bought a bigger one and gave the smaller one to my sister. Who rarely cooks herself so hardly had any need for onion storage.

Quite shamelessly I oohed and aahed and said how cute that thing was. Because I could so see this as a prop in a food post. I got a result to my shamelessness straightaway when my sister said Here you go, have it! And I felt bad for a moment, talking her out of something just like that. However, it turned out she had no idea what to do with the thing because she only ever buys an onion or two to use right away and did so not need a pot for onion storage.

So now I’m the lucky owner of this cute little thing, and it sits on my kitchen counter filled with onions, waiting for its 5 seconds of fame as a prop.

 DFN - Living - Onion Pot