Blood Orange Buttermilk

I love blood oranges, and now’s the time you can buy them here. However, half of the bag I got didn’t taste so good, which made me decide to make something from them. What that something could be came to me yesterday – it would be a drink and it would be healthy. That brought buttermilk, which contains almost no fat at all, to mind.

Blood Orange Buttermilk 02

I used a squeezer to juice the oranges, adding a little pulp as well to the juice, put it in the blender, added buttermilk, and voilà. I know – it can’t even be called a recipe, but I still wanted to tell you about it because I liked it so much.

The amount of juice and buttermilk is a matter of taste, really. I used one third juice and two thirds buttermilk. It was real refreshing and a nice pick-me-up – for which I usually use coffee.

Blood Orange Buttermilk 01

I couldn’t be content with just one version, though. The jar in the back where the liquid looks a little frothier has an extra addition in it. The same colleague who sent me the goodies you saw in my last post (recognise the straws here?) sent over some chocolate I had ordered specifically. Although I’d asked for just one bag I received way more – yay! – and decided to add some for a little something extra to this blood orange buttermilk.

Blood Orange Buttermilk 04

What was it? Hershey’s cherry kisses! After pouring half of my blood orange buttermilk into the first jar, I added 8 cherry kisses to the blender and mixed again. Very delicious! You could subtly taste the chocolate and the filling but it didn’t stand out, you could still taste the blood orange and buttermilk.

Blood Orange Buttermilk 03