Living – Red Patterned Bowl

This is one of the items I only bought one of. It’s from a shop in the US that we don’t have here in Germany. I knew of the shop, had looked at their website often, and then was really excited when I was in Boston last summer and was able to visit one of their branches. They were also nice enough to wrap my items extremely well so they would survive the flight home.

This one was on sale, which made me even happier, because even if I only buy one piece I don’t want to spend too much money on it. Especially as I’ll very likely only use it for blogging purposes. I just realised I have only used this bowl in one food post so far, I think that’s because the pattern doesn’t really agree with a lot of food stuff, it’s too distracting. But every time I open my props cupboard and see the bowl, it makes me smile.

DFN - Living - Anthropology Bowl