Living – Hyacinths

This time of year I like to have hyacinths in the house. They’re cheap and easy to care for, and I love watching them unfold. This particular set of three I chose for their colour but I also like when I’m gifted hyacinths and the sticker that shows what colour they’ll be has been removed. It’s always nice to get up one morning and see tiny bits of colour coming through – surprise.

I like using this large jar that I think is originally sold as both a vase and candle holder. This time I removed the hyacinths from their plastic pot (they were 3 to a pot), removed one third of the earth and roots on the bottom, filled the vase with a little bit of bird / deco sand, placed the plant on top, filled the sides with more sand until earth and roots were hidden, and topped it with pebbles.

It’s such a pleasure to walk into the room every day and see their growing progress – and of course smell them once they’re out.

DFN - Living - Hyacinth