Living – Pretty Prepping Bowls

The other week, when a post from the WP Daily Post’s Blogging 101 series popped up in my reader about Blog Titles & Taglines, I took a look at this blog’s tagline – Thoughts on Cooking, Eating & Living. Yes, the cooking and eating fits, naturally, but I thought the living part didn’t get much attention on here.

If you’ve been to my About page, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for cute household items, and the same goes for things in the home in general. So I thought from now I’d do a post on things around the house that I’ve newly acquired or like particularly.

I try to make it to our local Friday market regularly, and  one of my little favourite shops that sells all kinds of stylish household items is very close to the market. So temptation is just a few steps away. I make it a point not to go there more than once a month, though, because who has the space for all the pretty things…

Earlier this month I saw these cute prepping bowls, the colour of which I immediately liked. I dithered for just a few seconds, because I already had prepping bowls. More than enough, I might add. A while ago I made a deal with myself that I would only buy those kinds of things if I threw something else out that’s either too old, has turned ugly from too much use, or has never been used (sadly, that happens, too). I have as yet to throw out the prepping bowls that these pretty ones were supposed to replace, because of course, I found reasons not to. As I’m typing this, though, my head’s telling me that those reasons are redundant, so after finishing this post I will walk to the cupboard and do what’s necessary.

What’s your buying behaviour with household and kitchen items? Do you own too much, or are you able to resist buying more? And if so – please tell me how you do it!

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