The Balancing Act Between Happiness & Contemplation

I was just going to leave  a “Happy Holidays” message for you here, telling you how I’m hoping to spend both the holidays and my vacation thinking about what I want and need to change in my life this coming year and how to go about it, because this last year I’ve experienced quite a few personal failures.

Then this morning I went to the bakery and passed another very popular bakery that was so crowded that about 20 people were already queuing outside on that early morning as if there was no tomorrow. Which, in turn, made me think of all the people in the world for whom there really will be no tomorrow. And within a second my personal failures I mentioned above were put into perspective.

In our quest to make this season the best one for ourselves and our families, wishing our friends and colleagues a Merry Christmas as we leave the office, I feel many of us tend to forget that there is no Christmas or holiday season for so many people.

Every day we read about the atrocities going on in the war zones of this world, the things human beings do to each other. And I wonder why these wars and everything going on around them seem to be looked at with a “that’s just how the world is” attitude. Why industrial riches and power are more important than humanitarianism. [Please do not take what I’m saying here personal, I’m generalising! I am guilty of such thoughts, too, because sometimes the mind just cannot bear these thoughts of what’s going on.]

Christmas is also the season of contemplation, and I will certainly be doing a lot of that in the coming weeks. I know that you and me can not exactly change this world, but we can have both empathy and sympathy.

On this note, hoping I did not put a damper on this special day for you because that was definitely not my intention, I sincerely wish you Happy Holidays, hopefully with your family and/or loved ones in a safe place!

Kiki xxx

Season's Greetings DFN