Cinnamon Stars – Post Update

This coming weekend I’ll be making cinnamon stars to get my Christmas baking started. The last couple of years, however, I ended up making only cinnamon stars because I really love them and couldn’t be bothered to make anything else, end my guess is it’ll be the same this year.

Since I posted the recipe in 2012, I’ve been going back to the post instead of hunting down my paper recipe, and while I did that earlier this month I thought it was time to promote this recipe a little.

I updated the original pictures with ones I made for a photo challenge last year, so now it looks a little more professional and tasty.

If you’ve never had cinnamon stars or have never even heard of them – do try them! They’re so worth making, and they’re a great little gift for your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues… if you have enough left after indulging on them yourself…

Ever since I found this recipe in a German magazine that adds a touch of cardamom, cinnamon stars have become my favourite Christmas cookies. Click over to the original post and see if this really is something you want to miss out on πŸ™‚

Happy baking!

Kiki x

Cinnamon Stars 2-03