Apricot & Cardamom Biscotti {Cantuccini}

This is something I picked up in a book – again. No recipe, just the restaurant owning character mentioning that she’d be making apricot & cardamom biscotti. Here biscotti are better known as cantuccini, by the way. Biscotti is a general name for cookies whereas cantuccini are the ones that are baked in one piece, then cut into slices [confirmed this with my Italian friend to avoid a faux pas here].

Apricot + Cardamom Biscotti 01

Before making these, I’d only ever made cantuccini once before, and I wasn’t 100 % satisfied with how they turned out. I found the shaping, baking, drying and cutting process not as easy as it sounded. This time, because the book didn’t give a recipe and only stated apricots and cardamom as ingredients, I decided to look for a basic recipe and just add apricots and cardamom.

Apricot + Cardamom Biscotti 02

I found a not so basic one using dried cherries and hazelnuts on BBC Food, and just replaced the cherries with apricots, the hazelnuts with cashews, and added about 2 g of cardamom. The recipe says you may not need all of the egg, but I still added it, which I’m sure is the reason why my dough was too sticky to be shaped into a sausage. This, in turn, led to the baked dough being almost impossible to cut. I swore a lot during that process and decided cantuccini were not my specialty.

Apricot + Cardamom Biscotti 03

Taste-wise, though, they were pretty good. I had guests the day I made them, so I asked them whether they’d like to try some of my uniquely shaped biscotti with their coffee… I quite like the sound of that… uniquely shaped biscotti… sounds really special 🙂 And even though biscotti are not my specialty, I’m sure I’ll give them another try one day, because I can just see so many flavour opportunities there.

Apricot + Cardamom Biscotti 04