Filled Chicory Leaves

Filled Chicory Leaves 01

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Recipe – with or without? poll and/or left a comment as to what they prefer.

Most of you voted for leave as is, although the tenor in the comment section seems to be just pictures and info on what they show.

Filled Chicory Leaves 02

For this post, I think just a rough description will suffice as there really isn’t much of a recipe, so let’s go for the minimalist version here.

Filled Chicory Leaves 03

I’d bought 10 Brussels sprouts at the Friday market as well as some chicory, with no concrete plans as to what to do with them. A look in the fridge – leftover pumpkin, bacon and soft, creamy goats cheese.

I sliced the pumpkin very thinly and roasted it with salt & olive oil, then removed skin and diced.

Next I thinly sliced Brussels sprouts and diced bacon, then roasted both.

Mixed everything together, seasoned it with freshly ground black pepper.

Filled Chicory Leaves 04

Arranged chicory leaves on platter, filled them with veg mix, arranged leftover veg in middle. Drizzled everything – very lightly – with pumpkin seed oil.

Added a few teaspoonsful of goats cheese to each chicory leaf. The vegetables were still warm, so some of the cheese melted a little bit.

Filled Chicory Leaves 05

I enjoyed this immensely. Although not everyone likes Brussels sprouts, this would be great on a buffet or as a starter. I might have had no clue in the beginning what to make from these ingredients, but I’ll certainly put them together this way again soon.