Burrata 02

About two years ago I first read about burrata on food blogs. I didn’t get the hype about some piece of overpriced mozzarella (I know… shame on me…), and then I went on vacation to Italy last year and had some burrata at a deli/restaurant.

Oh my goodness! I couldn’t believe I had ever thought of it as overpriced mozzarella. It was worth every single cent! If you haven’t heard about burrata before, take a look here. The outer shell is mozzarella, and inside it’s a combination of mozzarella and cream. It only requires the tiniest amount of mild balsamic and olive oil, because you really don’t want to spoil its purity.

Burrata 03

Last weekend I went to what I call my luxury supermarket because it’s huge, they have just about everything you might wish for, and if they don’t you can ask them to order it for you. In the fruit & veg section I saw those heirloom tomatoes and thought they might look good in a picture, so I bought some. I have never had heirloom tomatoes that tasted as good as they looked, or any better than your common supermarket tomato, and sadly these disappointed a little, too.

Burrata 04

Putting the tomatoes in my cart made me think that this was the kind of supermarket that might have burrata, I went to check at the cheese counter and – YES! – they did. Oh, that made me happy! Burrata isn’t available everywhere, I have to get out of my way to go to a deli or our market hall in the city to find it, but now that I know my favourite supermarket – also more than half an hour’s drive away – has it, I’ll try to stop by more often.

Burrata also isn’t available year-round, but apparently – depending on the weather – it’ll be available for another month or two. If you have a chance, do try it! And if you have homegrown tomatoes, serve it with those.

Burrata 06