Elderflower & White Chocolate Mousse

Elderflower + White Chocolate Mousse 01
Around this time last year I had intended to make elderflower mousse. Like a lot of good intentions, though, it stayed just that. This year I missed the elderflower picking season, but luckily one of my friends didn’t and gave me a bottle of elderflower syrup, which is when I remembered last year’s plan.

I used to have a recipe for egg-free chocolate mousse and wanted to adapt that but couldn’t find it. Everything else that was egg-free required some sort of substance like fruit, so what I did in the end was adapt a recipe for white chocolate mousse. The adaptation went so far that out of the original fourteen ingredients I used only four because some I just didn’t have, like yogurt, and also because I wanted to see if this would work if I just did it my way and made something up.

Elderflower + White Chocolate Mousse 02
Luckily it worked fine, and I decided – because like the last recipe I posted this dessert was rather colourless and boring to photograph – to add a topping. My first choice was almonds until I found out I didn’t have any, so I chose hazelnuts. Hammer them to pieces with a rolling pin and add some golden syrup, and voilà – perfect topping.

Would I make this again? Yes, but with further adjustments. Not because it didn’t taste perfectly good, but because my choice of chocolate would always be milk chocolate. Also, just to see what the change in consistency would be, I’d try adding greek yogurt. I would serve this here version to guests without hesitation, though.

Elderflower + White Chocolate Mousse 03

Elderflower & White Chocolate Mousse

  • Servings: approx. 10
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1 gelatine leaf [0.6 g]
125 g white couverture
1 medium egg
1 egg yolk
100 ml elderflower syrup
200 ml cream
handful of hazelnuts
golden syrup

Elderflower + White Chocolate Mousse 04

Soak gelatine in cold water. Break up or chop couverture and melt over a bain-marie.

Over another bain-marie whip up the egg, yolk and elderflower syrup until it’s creamy and gains volume. [This takes a little while, and I used a handheld mixer instead of a whisk.]

Squeeze the soaked gelatine leaf to extract the water, then whisk into the egg-elderflower-mix. Next add the melted couverture and whisk until it becomes a smooth mass, then remove bowl from water pot and let cool slightly.

In a separate bowl, whip cream until stiff.  Fold cream into the mousse mixture, whisk well to avoid clumps. [Note that at this point it will still be liquid.] Transfer mousse mixture into individual receptacles, like shot glasses, and refrigerate over night.

Before serving, very roughly chop some hazelnuts and dry-fry them in a non-stick pan. Once you smell the aroma of roasted nuts, turn down heat and add golden syrup to the pan. Do this in small measures, stirring continuously, until the nuts start sticking together. Remove from heat and top mousse with spoonsful of hazelnuts.

Elderflower + White Chocolate Mousse 05