Hello again!

I’m back from my vacation, and as you might already have gathered from the food collage below, I’ve been to the US. I met my German friend who lives in Dubai at London Heathrow, and we took the long-haul flight to Boston together. We stayed with friends for two weeks and had the best time.

Our vacation consisted of trips to different parts of New England, the coast and to Boston, lots of shopping, and hanging out with friends at the pool. And food. Lots of food. We did eat healthy food as well, even if you wouldn’t think so from the collection below. We were also invited to a 4th of July party – a very rainy one, sadly – and that was another great food experience. I was set on trying as much “typical American food” as I could, regardless of its health factor, because you just don’t get those things here in Germany. Seeing a Dunkin Donuts everywhere didn’t help much, I became addicted to their Boston Kreme donut. But even while eating everything I did, I was mentally stocking my fridge at home with salads and vegetables…

I was also set on overcoming my aversion to seafood. I told my friend that whenever she’d order seafood, I’d try it, even if only a little bit. And little it was… I tried tiny pieces – no larger in size than the fingernail on my pinkie – of lobster, shrimp and clam chowder. It didn’t make me want to puke, but I also didn’t feel the desire to have more of it. I can now honestly say that I tried it but it didn’t do anything for me. Nevertheless, I was hellbent on trying tiger king prawns at a BBQ last weekend, although with the same result.

The collection of food pics below is a mix of phone pics of rather bad quality and DSLR pics. I didn’t take my camera with me every time we went out for food, and when I did happen to have it with me, it felt weird to take food pics at a restaurant. So I decided to make this collage of both to give you an overview of what I had. Some of it was especially good, and I’ll try to recreate that at home.

I haven’t done much in the kitchen since I’m back, mainly because I needed to get over the jet lag, but now that I feel at home again I hope I’ll be posting some new recipes soon.

PS: On my way to work last week I saw a Dunkin Donuts car. Oh nooooo! Just discovered they opened a branch in Stuttgart. Luckily it’s not around the corner from where I live…

Food USA 2014