Checking Out…

…of this space for the next couple of weeks. I’ll be going on vacation, and as the time has been nearing, I realised I haven’t done a proper food shop in over a week. That’s a first for me, but knowing I’d be leaving soon, I didn’t want to have too much in the fridge that I’d have to waste by throwing it out.

I’ve lived on frozen leftover meals for lunch this past week and had grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. With today being a public holiday in Germany I thought I might actually find the time to do a last food post before I leave, but with not having been food shopping I was a little stuck for ideas that required anything other than what I had in the fridge.

So then I started cooking lunch today, it consisted of basically everything that had to go asap, and it turned out I enjoyed this very simple meal more than I’d thought I would. It’s such a contrast to what I – and I’m sure I’m not alone in this – think is post-worthy. We’re trying to outdo ourselves sometimes with every new post, because not only do our readers have certain expectations, but we expect a lot from ourselves, too.

My summer vacation will – how fitting! – start with the beginning of summer this coming Sunday. I’m hoping to make lots of new food experiences, try things I said I wouldn’t ever (if I do, I’ll tell you all about it afterwards), and have a good time in what I know from pictures and other people is a beautiful place.

Until I return, I’ll leave you with a picture (that is intentionally non-fancy, just as the food itself) of today’s impromptu lunch & wish you all a great start into the summer season (if you’re in the Northern hemisphere…),


Impromptu Lunch