Happy Anniversary!

I just got a Happy Anniversary notification from the lovely WordPress people saying that I registered with WP four years ago.

Incredible how time flies, and also incredible how you don’t notice it because you’re having so much fun doing something. Looking back to when it all started, I have to smile a little, shake my head a little, and cringe a little at some things. Then there are things I’m really proud of, like developing an interest in photography through food blogging and seeing a major development over the years. I’m a little surprised, too, when I look back and wonder how I came up with all those recipes I posted.

In the beginning I kept to a strict “one post per week” schedule. Along the way I felt pressured by that until I had a good think about it and realised Hey, this is MY blog, I’m boss of the schedule and can post whenever I want. During all this time, though, there was never a moment when I didn’t enjoy blogging.

Over the years I’ve also mentioned here several times that I started out doing this for myself, and that I would be completely happy if only my friends were reading this blog. This is still true to an extent, but I’ve come to love the interaction with you people, and I have to admit it really wouldn’t be the same without all your comments.

I’m not much into champagne, but as it is the season I’m going to have a celebratory strawberry instead. Go grab one and join me for my 4 year blog anniversary!

Thanks for reading, subscribing & commenting,
Kiki x

Anniversary Strawberries