Guest Post: Tips For Pastry Photography

Good morning! I hope you’ve all woken up – or will be waking up if you’re in a different time zone from mine – to such beautiful sunshine as I have.

A few months ago, Lynn from mydearbakes contacted me to ask whether I’d be interested in doing a guest post on her blog on Tips for Pastry Photography.

I thought I couldn’t do that because a) I’m more of a cook than a baker, b) what do I know about pastry photography?, and c) doing my food shots seemed very unprofessional to me.

This thought then turned into the idea to show people how I got to where I am today after four years of blogging and trial & error photography, and also that you don’t have to have an actual photo studio at home nor expensive equipment to take good pictures.

Please hop over to the guest post to find out all my photography secrets! I hope you won’t be disappointed that the huge apartment I live in (or so some people seem to think) with different wall structures is only a little photography corner in my living room 😀 .

You’ll also find the most amazing cake creations on mydearbakes, so go have a look!

Thank you very much to Lynn for giving me this opportunity that turned out to be really fun to do!

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