Welcome To My Dinner Table – Part 12

American Dinner 08

The Table

Extremely simple. Luckily my favourite flowers – ranunculus – are in season, so I bought a bunch at the market. I happened to have a pack of the Star-Spangled Banner as paper napkins just waiting for an occasion like this. Placed on those were peanut butter cups. To go with the red, white & blue colour scheme, I dug out blue and red tealight holders (which are not in the picture), and used blue water glasses.

For the menu, I scanned in one of the napkins, added what I’d be serving, and printed it on my postcard printer.

American Dinner 07

The Menu

Deviled Eggs by Huffpost Taste
Hamburger Buns by Martha Stewart
Spicy Dr Pepper Shredded Pork by Tasty Kitchen
Classic Coleslaw by Martha Stewart
Buttermilk Fried Chicken by Huffpost Taste
Macaroni & Cheese by Martha Stewart
Deep Dish Apple Pie by Eating Well

American Dinner 02

The Story

We’re already in the third month of 2014, and I’ve hosted two dinners so far. For the first one, an Indian dinner, I totally forgot to take pictures. I’m making up for it with this one, though. This one being an American Dinner, just in case you haven’t figured it out yet 😉 . The idea for this was planted in my head by friends.

American Dinner 03

We were at a steakhouse when they said they thought I should do an American dinner. I immediately agreed, the mental list making already starting while we were still at the restaurant.

American Dinner 05

This dinner didn’t feel like much work at all, because the preparations were minimal (compared to other dinners I’ve hosted). Although I have to admit to making an Excel list of when to prepare what, prepping times, time in the oven etc. Because unthinkingly I had chosen four dishes that needed to go in the oven, as well as one that needed frying shortly before serving.

American Dinner 06

I found all the recipes online, some of them turned out fantastic, some I wouldn’t necessarily make again even though my guests liked them. BTW – if you’re wondering why the burger buns turned out dark as opposed to Martha’s perfect light ones, I ran out of white flour and added whole wheat flour instead.

American Dinner 04

Everything tasted good, though, especially the pulled pork. Wow – was I impressed. I’d never had Dr Peppers before, and one sip made me think YUCK! However, the pork cooked in it was fantastic – it was the absolute highlight of the evening.

American Dinner 10

The only thing that wasn’t American was the beer for reasons I don’t want to go into 🙂 – sorry Americans! I knew my guests liked Newcastle Brown Ale, so that’s what I went for.

American Dinner 09

As usual, there was way too much to eat, so I took some of it to work for lunch, but most of it went into the freezer. I rarely freeze food because it accumulates in the freezer and stays there until the next time I defrost the freezer, then it ends up in the bin. It’ll definitely be different this time, I’m already looking forward to a few meals including pulled pork.

American Dinner 01