Swabian Cuisine – Schupfnudeln 3 Ways

Part II – Schupfnudeln Pan-fried In Breadcrumbs

Schupfnudeln Fried 01

As promised, here’s part two of what you can do with the basic Schupfnudel recipe. My research on this version showed it’s quite common, although I’ve never seen it outside our household or in restaurants. The most common version of this would be the third one, which I’ll show you next week – so stay tuned!

You can probably tell straight away that this dish doesn’t really photograph well unless you put a colourful side salad in the picture. I could have done that, it would have enhanced both the picture and the meal, I admit that. However, in my childhood my mother was the only one who needed a salad to go with it, the rest of us were totally content with the fried Schupfnudeln, especially after having the Schupfnudel soup as a starter. So please excuse the lack of a colourful side salad – for authenticity’s sake.

Schupfnudeln Fried 04

Schupfnudeln Pan-Fried In Breadcrumbs

  • Servings: 4
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1 basic Schupfnudel recipe
fine breadcrumbs

After making the basic Schupfnudel recipe, cook them until they float to the surface, then drain well.

In a non-stick frying pan, heat a generous amount of butter. When it starts bubbling, add breadcrumbs and brown slightly. [I fried half the amount of Schupfnudeln and used about 3 – 4 tbsp of butter and 3 – 4 tbsp of breadcrumbs, so using a 1:1 ratio should do.]

Once you’ve added the breadcrumbs the mix will foam a bit, but will start to brown quickly. When it’s turning darkish, add the Schupfnudeln, stir well so they’re all mostly covered in breadcrumbs, and fry for a few minutes until crisp.

Serve plain or with a salad.

Schupfnudeln Fried 02