Update – Baked Apple Cordial

So I’ve been waiting to open this jar of Baked Apple Cordial since I posted the recipe on December 1st. I hope you have, too?

Let me say this quickly, because it’s not positive – I don’t like aniseed, nor star anise. Although this cordial contains only 1 piece of star anise, I can smell it. On opening the jar, that was what hit me first. I didn’t really want to try it. So I just removed the apples from the jar (pressing on them to get as much of the cordial out of them as possible), put a small funnel into the still hot bottles (coming out of the dish washer on highest setting), placed a small sieve over that, and started pouring. Sealed the bottles, labeled them, and poured what didn’t fit into the two bottles into an extra one to keep, and some of it into a shot glass.

Baked Apple Cordial Update 01
Sniffed again. Star anise. Took a sip. OH MY GOODNESS! I’m tempted to make these three words so big they’ll cover this whole page. OH MY GOODNESS! Really. I’m not exaggerating. This is truly THE best thing I’ve made this whole year.

As I mentioned in one of the comments in the original post, I thought that once the rock candy had dissolved this would get a “softer” taste. And it did. I think you can really taste all of the ingredients except the star anise, and the combination is incredibly delicious and perfect. If you can’t stand aniseed or star anise, just don’t breathe in when taking a sip. But I promise you that you won’t mind at all after that first taste.

Baked Apple Cordial Update 02
Tomorrow when the shops are back open, I’ll buy more ingredients to make some more, and I’ll double the amount. Because I don’t really want to give away my two bottles. I could happily sit here all afternoon and drink the stuff.

I have to share this, though, because I can already see people’s faces when they take their first sip. Go make this! It is so worth waiting for four weeks for this stuff to infuse.

On that note, here’s an early toast to you – the readers, subscribers, commenters, fellow bloggers, and friends – and a huge THANK YOU for stopping by and making blogging fun! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Baked Apple Cordial Update 03