Elderflower & Cinnamon Flower Ice Cream

Last month I made elderflower syrup for the first time. Of the three bottles I made, one started showing mould on top so I thought I’d better use up the other two before they went off as well. I decided to make elderflower ice cream. Same recipe as usual, the basics of Nigella Lawson’s margarita ice cream – cream and icing sugar – plus the syrup I’d made. In addition, I added some dried crushed cinnamon flowers.

Elderflower Ice Cream 01

I once made ice cream using shop bought hazelnut syrup, and unfortunately the syrup settled on the bottom of the container during the freezing process, which made the consistency a little weird. My elderflower syrup wasn’t as thick and heavy as the hazelnut syrup, but I didn’t want to take too much risk and decided to make a conservative amount of ice cream. If it turned out alright, I could always make more.

As it turns out, I will definitely make more! I like to think I can subtly taste the crushed cinnamon flowers, but this ice cream gets its taste from the elderflower syrup, of course. It’s sweet but not too sweet, and it’s kind of refreshing, too.

Elderflower Ice Cream 02

After having some of the ice cream, I decided to make a Hugo cocktail, using elderflower ice cream instead of elderflower syrup. Quite a good idea, as well. Very delicious and refreshing.

I realise that cinnamon flowers isn’t something you get in the supermarket, so you could either leave it out completely or substitute with vanilla bean (seeds scraped from bean, not powdered). As for the elderflower syrup, you can either use homemade or shop bought for this ice cream.

Elderflower Ice Cream 03

Elderflower & Cinnamon Blossom Ice Cream

125 ml (double/heavy) cream
60 g icing sugar
3 tbsp elderflower syrup
10 cinnamon flowers, crushed in a mortar [alternatively seeds of 1 vanilla bean]

Pour cream into a bowl, sieve the icing sugar on top, then mix well with a whisk. Add the elderflower syrup and the crushed cinnamon flowers or vanilla seeds.

Whip the mixture until thick and smooth, but not stiff. Pour into a freezing container, and freeze overnight.

Elderflower Ice Cream 04

Elderflower Ice Cream Hugo

1 scoop elderflower ice cream
2 fresh torn mint leaves

Add a scoop of elderflower ice cream to a champagne glass, top with prosecco, and sprinkle with torn mint leaves.

The ice cream will produce a thick foam on top. You can have this drink using a spoon, or stir it and drink through a straw.

Ice Cream Hugo