Rhubarb Syrup

Every year I plan on making some kind of fruit syrup but never get round to it. This year I’d seen this rhubarb syrup recipe on lecker.de and decided I needed to get this done before rhubarb season is over. I was on a mission, went to the market to get fresh rhubarb and got to cooking straight away.

Rhubarb Syrup 01 M

I also knew what I wanted to make from this syrup. Not only can it be used in drinks – topped up with tonic water or champagne – but my plan was to make rhubarb tiramisu. I made that for my German blog, so head on over there if you want to take a look. The recipe from lecker.de is slightly adapted in that I used more rhubarb and sugar, and added a lime to the lemon.

So on a Friday night I made syrup, then the next morning I got up at 8 am to make tiramisu. Because I was on another mission that day. M, who has not only been my photography and camera consultant for more than a year now but also became a food tester that day, said he’d like to try his hand at shooting food. So he brought all his equipment over to my place – full frame DSLR, softbox, flash, reflector – and we both had a go at shooting both the rhubarb syrup and tiramisu.

Rhubarb Syrup 02 M

It was a totally new experience for me – and for him, too, I think – because we do things differently, look differently at the things we’re shooting, approach our subjects from different angles and perspectives. It was inspiring and made me aware that I really need to get a flash.

M offered me his pictures to go with the recipe here, and I’d like to say a big THANK YOU! If you want to know how my own pictures turned out, you can go have a look at my photoblog.

Rhubarb Syrup 03 M

Rhubarb Syrup

3 kg rhubarb
700 g sugar
juice of 1 lemon + 1 lime

Clean and wash rhubarb, then cut into pieces.

Add sugar and 2 l water to a large pot and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Once the mix boils, add the rhubarb and simmer for 30 minutes.

Drain the rhubarb through a sieve and catch the liquid in a second pot. Squeeze the rhubarb really well with large spoon or ladle so that you get as much liquid out of it as possible. [If you intend to make anything else from the squeezed and squashed rhubarb, keep it – otherwise chuck it.]

Cook the liquid until it’s boiled down to about 3/4 l. [According to the original recipe this will take 30 – 40 minutes, depending on the size of your pot. My pot was almost too full, and it took about 1.5 hrs.]

Fill syrup into clean bottles while still hot, seal bottles well, and let cool. This syrup will keep 10 – 12 months.

Note: The original recipe said to top 2 – 3 tbsp syrup with 300 ml liquid (tonic water/champagne), but I found that too little. It’s best to experiment here according to your tastes.

Rhubarb Syrup 04 M