Leftovers – Saint Hilaire Cheese & Nectarine Sandwich

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day with 28°C, blue sky, sun beating down on us – what more could you wish for!? I happened to be in the city having breakfast with my friend E who’s visiting from Dubai. We were sitting outside, our view towards the flower section of the Saturday market.

My intention was to do most of my fruit and vegetable shopping at the market after our breakfast, but in the end I didn’t want to lug around food stuff while we were going on a little shoe shopping spree, so plan B was to hit the supermarket after 9 pm, when it would hopefully be pretty empty.

Cheese + Nectarine Sandwich 01

In the end, I spent the rest of the day on the balcony and decided not to go food shopping after all. Who knew when the weather would be good enough again to sit outside until 10 pm… There’d be nothing to blog about the next day, but so what.

I did want to eat, though, so this morning I looked in the fridge to see whether I could scrape together some ingredients to make a decent meal. I had half a loaf of sliced rye bread with caraway, a couple of different French cheeses, lots of fresh herbs, and some nectarines that really needed to be used up. Lots of condiments, too, but what caught my eye was the creamed horseradish.

Cheese + Nectarine Sandwich 02

The horseradish should be the creamed variety, because the other kind is hot which was not what I was going for here. The overall taste of this sandwich is exactly what I had aimed for – all ingredients go fantastically well together, and the description I’d go for – apart from delicious – is mild.

I’m the kind of person who has a lot of “I would never”s stored in her head. 2012 was the year I broke through a lot of those I would never barriers because, let’s face it, a lot of the time these I would nevers keep you from making the most of life. They were little things in retrospect, but in my head they were big, and I’m glad I could overcome those barriers. One of the things I would definitely not have done last year was post a mundane sandwich recipe. The other day I saw exactly such a thing on a well-known blog, and the pictures were just great. So when I had the ingredients for today’s sandwich assembled in my head, I decided that if I liked the look of the pictures, I’d post them. So here you go.

Cheese + Nectarine Sandwich 03

Saint Hilaire Cheese & Nectarine Sandwich

slices of rye bread
creamed horseradish
St Hilaire cheese
fresh sage leaves

Spread creamed horseradish on the bread slices. Add cheese, nectarines, and sage leaves. Cook in oven for approximately 12 minutes (or until the cheese has molten to a state of your liking) at 150°C (fan oven).

Cheese + Nectarine Sandwich 04