Amarena Cherry Panna Cotta

The nice people from WordPress now have a feature that reminds you of your blog anniversary – thank you, WordPress! I have to admit that I actually would have forgotten it this year, as I was a little busy. I attended a wedding in Hamburg last weekend, in pouring rain… Nevertheless it was a great wedding, and I had a fantastic time, as I’m sure did everyone else there.

So, 3 years of blogging. On the one hand, it doesn’t sound that long a time, and on the other it feels like I’ve been blogging forever. It’s been a fantastic three years with a lot of fun thinking up stuff to cook and bake, a steep learning curve with regards to photography, three years of virtual contact with interesting and lovely people who I wouldn’t have heard of if not for blogging, and still so much to try and learn.

Amarena Cherry Panna Cotta 01

Blogging also requires some discipline if you want to keep your readers coming back, and these last couple of months I have to admit I felt out of it a little. If you’re busy four days a week after work, you tend to covet the weekend, which for me meant asking myself “to blog or not to blog?”. As you might have gathered from my not so frequent posts lately, I chose not to blog.

However, I think an anniversary calls for a little celebratory blogging, and making panna cotta again to celebrate seems justified – although I’m way past the stage that I need an excuse to make panna cotta… I’ve been thinking about amarena cherries a lot lately, and I don’t know where the thought came from. So I decided to pair them with one of my favourite desserts.

Amarena Cherry Panna Cotta 02

I used Amarena syrup only, left out the vanilla seeds as I think that with the Amarena syrup they wouldn’t have been discernible anyway, and added a little red food colouring, because even though the Amarena syrup is a very dark red, mixed into liquid cream it makes for an absolutely dirty looking and unappetising colour.

This panna cotta tastes exactly how I had imagined – and hoped – it would. The Amarena syrup gives it the perfect amount of sweetness, and to me personally it tasted like a little decadent dessert that you have sitting poolside at your Tuscan summer villa… yeah, I can dream…

On that note – here’s the recipe, and I would like to thank you all for coming here, returning, and being appreciative! I love cooking for you!

Amarena Cherry Panna Cotta 03

Amarena Cherry Panna Cotta

250 ml cream
30 g sugar
2 gelatine leaves*
3 tbsp Amarena syrup

For decorating (optional)
Amarena syrup
whipped cream
Amarena cherries

Serves 3

*Note: 1 German gelatine sheet 12 x 7 cm of size. This might vary in other countries!

Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water. Bring cream and sugar to a boil, then add the Amarena syrup. Keep simmering for 10 minutes, then take off the heat.

Squeeze the softened gelatine leaves well to get rid of the water, then quickly stir into the cream mixture with a whisk. Leave for a few minutes, then divide into small dessert glasses.

Decorate with a little syrup and some whipped cream, and top with an Amarena cherry.

Amarena Cherry Panna Cotta 04