Spicy Salad Wraps

If you’ve been overindulging these last couple of weeks, like me – after all, it’s only Easter once a year… – then this will help get you back on the healthy track. After one too many leftover chocolate eggs, I suddenly remembered these salad wraps I had with a friend at a local gardening show a few years ago. After that I made them quite often, and then seem to have forgotten about them. So I went to do some late night food shopping to get some of the ingredients.

Salad Wrap 01a

The nice thing about these salad wraps is that you can include whatever takes your fancy. Just mind that you don’t heap too much stuff onto the tortillas as you won’t be able to wrap them properly, and they will break.

I decided to make some hummus – only takes 5 minutes – to spread on the tortilla. On top of that I added some harissa paste, but you can use creamed horseradish, too, if you like it hot, or go with sour cream or crème fraîche/légère if you prefer it mild. [If you’ve actually used too much of the hot stuff, you can remedy that by spreading some sour cream or crème fraîche/légère over it.] You can also add cheese, or ham or bacon for a non-vegetarian version.

Salad Wrap 02

The best way to prepare the salad ingredients is to have them as thinly sliced as possible. For the cabbages and iceberg I used a mandoline, and for the carrot and cucumber I used a julienne tool. I prefer to use up everything I bought – i.e. a whole head of cabbage/salad -, not just the amount I need at the moment, and keep the sliced ingredients in the fridge, so if fancy strikes, I can just assemble a wrap without prepping more stuff.

I’ve been taking these wraps to work for lunch last week as they are really light and refreshing.

Salad Wrap 03

Spicy Salad Wraps

  • Difficulty: easy
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red cabbage, white cabbage, iceberg lettuce – run over a mandoline
carrots, cucumber – julienne
½ lemon
soft flour tortillas
optional: harissa paste, creamed horseradish, crème légère

1 can chickpeas
tahini paste
juice of ½ lemon
1 small garlic clove
a little freshly ground salt and pepper

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth.

Salad Wrap 04

Spread a layer of hummus onto a tortilla, spread a (small) amount of harissa paste on top. Add salad ingredients, then squeeze lemon juice over them. Fold up one side of the tortilla – to about 1/3 into the middle -, then fold the two sides left and right from it over each other so that it looks like it’s rolled up. Enjoy!

To take this to work, take some waxed paper, roll the whole thing up (like you would a piece of dough) and tie with some kitchen string.

Salad Wrap 05