Cream Cheese & Mango Cakes

This is a variation of the classic Philadelphia Cake. I had an open pack of biscuits and some mango that needed to be eaten, and on checking the fridge I had everything else necessary for these cakes. My sweet tooth seems to have the upper hand again these days and I just decided to let it win.


I won’t lie to you – these aren’t easy to eat! The person sitting next to you will risk having a piece of cake fly into their face, and that’s due to the fact that I not only used biscuits for the bottom of these cakes but added a layer of milk chocolate, which in turn makes it a little hard to get your fork through the bottom. Add to this the wobbly topping, and this can spell disaster for both your table linen and the people around the table.

However, the taste of these little cakes makes up for that! At first taste I thought the cream cheese & mango mix could have done with a little more sugar, but once the chocolate hits, you’ll find it’s the perfect combination between fruity fresh and sweet.

Cream Cheese Mango Cakes 02

Next time I would change a few things, though: although in accordance with the original recipe I used gelatine to make this cake topping firm, the amount of puréed mango I used made it more liquid. The chocolate on the bottom will make the wobbly topping slide off if you’re not careful. I’d use more gelatine leaves in the future. I might also add some gel food colouring as the yellow mango purée doesn’t really give off much colour, and I really wanted them to look more appetising.

When taking these cakes out of the dessert rings – although a better description would be: when fiddling with the cakes to get them out without too much damage – you need to run a straight knife around the rings, carefully, then slowly push from the bottom up and be careful to catch the cake so it doesn’t pop out like a rocket.

Cream Cheese Mango Cakes 03

Cream Cheese & Mango Cakes

100 g biscuits
80 g butter
100 g milk chocolate couverture

175 g cream cheese
150 g natural yogurt
2 tbsp sugar
3 Gelatine leaves (à 6 g)
1 mango

Fills 5 x 7.5 cm dessert rings

Cream Cheese Mango Cakes 01

Place biscuits in a freezer bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Meanwhile, melt butter in a small pot. Mix both ingredients in a bowl, making sure all the butter is absorbed by the biscuit crumbs.

Place dessert rings  on a small lined baking sheet or tray, then divide the crumb mixture between them, pressing them toward them bottom with the back of a spoon so they’ll form an even surface. Refrigerate while you prepare the chocolate.

Over a bain-marie, melt the chocolate, then add 2 tbsp of chocolate to each biscuit bottom, carefully distributing it. Refrigerate for a few hours until the chocolate has hardened.

For the topping, place gelatine leaves in cold water. De-stone and peel mango, cut into pieces and purée. Mix cream cheese and yogurt in a bowl.

Heat about 100 ml of the mango purée, add 2 tbsp sugar, turn off heat, then thoroughly squeeze the gelatine leaves and add them, whisking until both sugar and gelatine leaves have dissolved. Pour the mixture into the cream cheese-yogurt mix and add the remaining mango purée.

Divide this mixture between the 5 dessert rings and refrigerate until the topping has set. Serve sprinkled with powdered chocolate or any other chocolate decorations.