Beer & Lime Waffles with Chilli Pork Chops

I’ve been wanting to buy a waffle iron for ages, specifically one for Belgian waffles as I like their square shape better than the round version. The good thing about the internet is that you can get loads of information on a product you’re interested in. The bad thing is that after reading all this information you’re none the wiser. Twenty people write reviews about the pros of a product, another twenty write about why they don’t like it. So I’ve been procrastinating, not wanting to commit to a decision.

Until a week ago, when one of my favourite shops that brings out products on a weekly basis, all within one specific theme, brought out a Belgian waffle iron. Yippie! Strangely enough, the waffle iron came without instructions and without the recipes promised on the box. Again, the good side of the internet showed, as I was able to download both from the manufacturer’s website.

So today I made waffles for lunch. Everything I made today was inspired by something I read on the web. I love looking at restaurants’ menus online – it’s a fantastic inspiration! You’ve never seen their dishes, you only know the basic ingredients from the name of the dish, you don’t know what it tastes like. It’s all up to your imagination what you make of it.

Beer + Lime Waffles 01a

My waffle version came about from seeing a picture someone posted on their blog of a waffle at some restaurant, and the comment was that they somehow tasted of beer and maple syrup. I wondered what would go with the beer, and lime sprang to mind. Then I read pork chops with chilli & honey on a restaurant website and decided to buy pork chops for the first time in a very long while. In the end, I used a ready-made chilli pepper sauce to marinate the pork chops in.

Then I had some mint & lime butter left over from last night’s raclette session with some girlfriends. I thought that would go well with both the waffles and the pork chops.

Beer + Lime Waffles 02

All this turned out even better than I would have thought. What these three food items have in common is that they’re all totally fuss-free, complement each other, and were fantastically delicious.

A note on the waffle ingredients: I used rule of thumb instead of strictly sticking to a recipe. I halved the ingredients of the waffle iron maker’s recipe, exchanged some and added others. The white sugar I replaced with muscavado as I thought it would go better with the beer, which indeed it did.

Beer + Lime Waffles 05

Mint & Lime Butter

125 g soft butter
¼ bunch of mint leaves
¼ of lime

Finely chop the mint leaves, then stir into the soft butter together with the squeezed lime. Mix well so the lime will be absorbed. Place on a piece of baking paper, roll into a little sausage, secure the ends, and refrigerate until needed.

Beer + Lime Waffles 03a

Chilli Pork Chops

pork chops
chilli sauce of your choice

Rub pork chops with chilli sauce, then leave to marinate while you mix the waffle batter.

Once you’ve baked half the waffles, heat a pan with a little oil and fry the pork chops until slightly charred. Be careful not to fry them too long, though, or else they’ll get too tough.

Beer + Lime Waffles 04

Beer & Lime Waffles

150 g flour
100 g muscavado sugar
approx. 2 tsp baking powder
120 g soft butter
150 ml beer
2 eggs (medium sized)

makes 8 waffles

Combine flour, sugar and baking powder, then mix in the soft butter. Next add the beer, and then the eggs. Mix until well combined. [The consistency of my waffle batter looked very grainy, which was due to the muscavado sugar. It does not influence the end result, though.]

Bake waffles, then store them in a warm oven until they’re all done. [Normally waffles should be stored on a cooling rack because they get soft if you stack them. I was actually aiming for a softer version as I thought it would go better with the meat, so I stacked them.]

Beer + Lime Waffles 00

To serve, place a dollop of mint & lime butter on the pork chops. For the waffles, distribute some of the mint & lime butter on top, then squeeze some lime over it all.

If you have any leftover waffles, drizzle them with chilli sauce and sprinkle with some mature cheese, and heat under the oven grill.