Grapefruit & Lime Posset

Remember when I did this cookery course in the UK in September last year? I promised I’d be making all the stuff we learned there, but so far I’ve only made six of those things and posted three of them – the Greek yogurt panna cotta, the tartlets, and the shortbread.

I’ve decided to combine another of those things – lemon posset – with one of my favourite fruit, which I also happened to have neglected for quite a while now – grapefruit. This dessert is very similar to panna cotta, just without the gelatine, and so easy to make.

Grapefruit Lime Posset 01

Now, having said that, I need to elaborate a little about the original version and the non-UK version. In the course we used double cream, which contains 52 % fat. Immediately I heard alarm bells ringing in my head and asked the chef if I could make this with 32 % fat cream, which is all you can get in Germany. The answer was that there were two options: either double the amount of lemon juice, or use 3 gelatine leaves. I scribbled this down in my course notes, and on return remembered that the gelatine leaves used in the course were double the size of the ones we get over here. So to make it all easier, I opted for increasing the amount of citrus juice. My thinking was that if I used gelatine I’d have panna cotta and not posset…

Grapefruit Lime Posset 02

As you can gather from the post title, I decided on using grapefruit plus lime juice instead of lemon. The limes I added because grapefruit juice is not quite as sour as lemons. The mix – tasted quickly just before pouring it into the shot glasses – seemed perfect. If not sublime :-D.

Here’s an important note, though, on what happened during the setting phase: for the 52 % fat cream version the recipe says 2 – 3 hours refrigeration. For my 32 % fat cream version it first looked like it needed overnight refrigeration as after even 6 hours it still hadn’t set. So much for not using gelatine… The consistency after a night of refrigeration was not completely but still very, very liquid, which as you can imagine was a bit of a disappointment.

Grapefruit Lime Posset 03

However… one taste, and I felt a veritable citrus explosion on my palate. Absolutely fantastic! The sugary cream together with the grapefruit and lime (it was a great idea to mix these two citrus fruits!) is incredible. Heavenly! OK, I guess you get the picture… Go make this! But if you’re not in a place where you can buy either double or heavy cream, use gelatine and call it a panna cotta, it won’t matter…

The original recipe is for 16 shot glasses, I halved everything – see details in square brackets below.

Grapefruit Lime Posset 04

Grapefruit & Lime Posset

1 l double cream (52 %) [500 ml 32 % cream]
400 caster sugar [200 g caster sugar]
8 lemons (you need at least 200 ml of lemon juice) [2 grapefruits + 4 limes, which made for 150 g grapefruit juice + 150 ml lime juice]

Juice the citrus fruit.

Heat cream and sugar, and bring to the boil. Simmer for 3 minutes

Take mixture off the heat, pour into a bowl, add the juice and whisk well. [If there’s froth on the surface, it can be gotten rid of by stomping the bowl on the work surface.]

Pour into shot glasses and refrigerate for 2 – 3 hours, or overnight.

Grapefruit Lime Posset 05