Walnut Ice Cream with Mulled Wine Syrup

Still looking for a dessert for the holidays? If you’re quick, you could serve this for dessert tomorrow night. I will be serving this when my family comes for lunch on the 26th. The idea for ice cream as dessert was actually triggered by the Christmas Ice Cream I saw on Two Loves. As ice cream can be prepared ahead, and this version is extremely fuss-free – made in 5 minutes! -, I was quite chuffed to have this gem sitting in my freezer.

My favourite ice cream is walnut, and to me walnuts also have a christmassy touch, so it seemed fitting. For the mulled wine syrup, I didn’t use the syrup I made earlier this month, but I’d made my own mulled wine again earlier in the week, and I will be using that for several different recipes these next few days. In this instance, I just let some of it simmer on the stove until it was reduced and syrupy.

Walnut Ice Cream + Mulled Wine Syrup 01

I think we all know that holidays can be a time of overindulging, so I decided to make this ice cream in my (Ikea) silicone moulds that are shaped like little cakes. Which unfortunately – as you can see in the pictures, and I apologise for the severe lack of presentational qualities! – completely backfired. The ice cream turned out a little too soft, so it wouldn’t pop out of the moulds. I had to use a very small scoop to get as much of it as possible out. It was still too soft to hold up during this impromptu photo shoot, so I was awfully disappointed, because I had this vision – again.. – of what it would look like.

Nevertheless, the ice cream tastes fantastic, and the mulled wine syrup compliments it perfectly. I’ll be making this ice cream again, it’s one of my favourites, and I’ll be sure not to use anything fancy like mini moulds next time.

Walnut Ice Cream + Mulled Wine Syrup 02

Walnut Ice Cream with Mulled Wine Syrup

100 g Walnuts, broken into larger pieces
2 tbsp muscavado sugar
1 tbsp maple syrup
250 ml cream (heavy cream, if you can get it)
150 g icing sugar
1 tbsp maple syrup (optional)
150 ml mulled wine

Walnut Ice Cream + Mulled Wine Syrup 03

Heat muscavado sugar and maple syrup in non-stick pan. Once the sugar starts to melt, add the walnuts and stir well, making sure they’re all coated in the sugar-syrup mix. Set aside.

In a bowl mix cream with icing sugar and maple syrup (if using). Stir in the caramelised walnuts. Pour mixture into a freezer-proof receptacle and stir well to make sure the walnuts don’t settle on the bottom in a cluster. Freeze overnight.

Before serving the ice cream, bring the mulled wine to a boil, then simmer until it’s reduced to syrup consistency. Careful – the wine will spit over and around the pot! Also, make sure to check the consistency constantly; after about 15 minutes of simmering turn off heat and check again – it should stay a little liquid but not become firm after cooling. If it does, reheat it just before serving, then serve immediately drizzled over or around the ice cream.

Walnut Ice Cream + Mulled Wine Syrup 04

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas – or whatever else you may be celebrating -, with family, friends, or on your own!

See you all back after the festivities, when we probably can but waddle to our PCs from all the good food everyone hopefully will be having!