Welcome To My Dinner Table – Part 10

Good news for me: after the last dinner in August, where I borrowed my sister’s dining table, we agreed to swap tables for good. She moved into a smaller place in September where her large table wouldn’t have fit, so she took our grandmother’s table from my place, and we’re both happy now.

As you can see from the pics, a larger and broader table doesn’t just mean it fits more people comfortably, but it also fits more (or too many…) knickknacks for decoration. Although the theme for this dinner was The British Dinner, I opted for autumnal decorations.

Some of the stuff I found at the market – like the corn, the berries in the vases and the little Chinese crab apples – and some I found in the box I keep decorations in, the things that are not fresh from the forest or market. Incidentally this theme also went very well with my newly painted green wall (that used to be blood-red).

The reason for having a British Dinner was that I’d brought home lots of food magazines from my UK trip. Leafing through those mags almost caused visual overload. In the end I decided a British dinner would be a good idea, I narrowed it down to two starters, mains and dessert options, threw them around and mixed them up, and came up with this menu.

The Food
Starter: Beetroot Mousse with Creamy Goat’s Cheese
Mains: Beef Stew with Button Mushrooms & Mashed Potatoes
Dessert: Trio of Sticky Toffee Pudding, Profiteroles and Roasted Orchard Fruits

Unfortunately, I don’t really have many food pics because by the time everything was ready it was way too dark to take pictures, and I don’t like taking pictures in artificial light. The only thing I have pictures of is the starter, as I made lots of it and it keeps in the fridge. You can view that on my German blog, if you like.

The Table
As mentioned above, I bought the natural decorations at the market, the other stuff was bought at a home decorations shop. My latest acquisitions are the mini cake stands with glass domes that I originally bought two of as gifts; they were available in four colours, so I bought two more for myself. I have some of the things you see on the table on a large wooden tray these days, placed in the middle of the table, with cookies underneath the glass domed mini cake stands.

For the menus I used some stationary cards I had bought in the UK, scanned and printed them with the menu on the back. I placed them each on a piece of birch, also from my home decorations box.

As guest favours I had flavoured tea for the girls and shortbread thins for the guys.

Oh, and by the way – all the friends I invited like British food (now…) :-).