Cookery Course – Quick Update

Cookery course completed! What a fantastic time, really really busy throughout the whole course. Today we made both sweet and savoury things, and quite a few pretty things, too.

On the agenda today: contrary to what I said yesterday it wasn’t “some fudge thing” we were making but sticky toffee pudding. I’d never had that before but I loved it (with a blob of clotted cream, which is something I will really miss back home). We filled the sweet pastry cases we made yesterday and turned them into individual fruit tartlets, made choux pastry from which we piped eclairs and profiteroles, filled with the creme patisserie we prepared yesterday.

For our lunch we made pizza and focaccia, we baked the very gooey chocolate chip cookies that were prepared yesterday (and which I don’t have any pictures of because my camera did some strange thing that cut the pictures in half…), then we turned out the greek yogurt & honey panna cotta we prepared yesterday, and had these with some raspberry coulis.

At the end, everyone set out a selection of what we had made and we had that for dessert. Here’s part of my selection…

Will probably be on a sugar high all night, then leaving here at 6 am to drive to Heathrow. See you when I get home…