Cookery Course Sneak Peek

Hello everyone & greetings from England! Just came back from my first day at the cookery school about half an hour ago and wanted to give you a little sneak peek into what we’ve been doing all day.

We made so many things in just one day, and we prepped stuff for tomorrow, too. The great thing was we only did the actual prepping and baking. No dishwashing or clearing up, which felt like a kind of a luxury. Then again, at home you’re not very likely to be making or preparing so many dishes at once, so you wouldn’t have that amount of clearing up to do.

We were working two people each side by side, then either doing individual stuff, or sharing preparations. We started out making spelt bread together, which was really interesting and a little different from the kinds of breads I’ve made before. It tasted fantastic, and we had it with a roasted celery soup our chef had prepared for lunch.

While the bread was proving, we went straight on to making shortcrust pastry. This pastry was one of the reasons I had decided on this course because it always ends up looking ugly when I make it. No more, though!

We prepared our shortcrust pastry and later made it into a goats cheese & roasted vegetable quiche with savoury custard.

This is what the chef’s version looked like…

…and this was my version. Not bad, eh?

We also learned some nice little tricks on how to get off the dough overlap and still have the things looking pretty, as well as getting the tarts out of their casings without damage. More on that later.

Then we went on making pecan shortbread (delicious!), panna cotta with honey & greek yogurt (to be tasted tomorrow for lunch), lemon possets (I had never heard of these before), prepared sweet pastry and pastry cream (to be finished tomorrow), prepared chocolate chip cookie dough (to be baked tomorrow), and finally fantastically gorgeous chocolate fondants with clotted cream.

Tomorrow we’ll also be making both focaccia and pizza, some fudge thing that I can’t remember right now, and more sweet stuff.

I’m really looking forward to it all, and have to say this is the best bit of my vacation so far. Stay tuned for a complete report as well as more pictures!