Off To England…

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for England – YAY! I mentioned in my Chocolate Twist post in April that I’d be flying to London and then heading South West for a cookery course, and now finally the time has come, and I’m really excited. Not just about the cookery course, even though I had been toying with the idea of taking one for about three years, but the whole trip.

Are you familiar with preconceptions? Do you have any? I got a surprise when I told friends and colleagues that I’d booked a cookery course in England. I got the same reaction over and over. England? Really? For a cookery course? Haha! etc… And I found that really annoying, especially considering that at least 60 % of those people have never been to Britain. Still, they all think the British can’t cook. YES, THEY CAN! is what I’ve been wanting to shout at people for the past 6 months.

As I said, for some years now I’ve been wanting to attend some kind of cookery course, baking, cooking, no particular preference. Something always held me back, though – the price, the location, the food they offered, or the one ingredient that would make me sick: seafood. I checked out Indian cooking – they were using prawns. Checked out a course on sauces – it included doing fish sauce. And one thing is for certain: seafood and me in the same kitchen would make one of us want to run out puking – and it would not be the seafood…

So I decided to combine my two loves – the UK and cooking, and I discovered this cookery school in the South West of England. They offer a Puddings & Pastries course, which is ideal for me: no seafood, and it will hopefully get me to enjoy handling dough. Because although I love baking, I rarely make my own yeast or short crust dough. When it comes to handling, rolling, and getting it into shape I’m hopeless, it just never does what I want it to do, and that takes away the joy a little.

Not wanting to fly over for just a weekend, I decided to spend the week before the course travelling, as I’ve never been to that part of England before. I thought I would make the most of using my DSLR and my newly purchased 105 mm macro lens and make this a photography vacation as well. I’m thinking I’ve never travelled with that much equipment before, it might take frightening amounts of space in my luggage that I’d rather use for bringing home stuff from my shopping sprees… Until I discovered that with British Airways you’re allowed 23 kg for check-in luggage and 23 kg for hand luggage – oh my… the possibilities :-).

So, hoping I have a lot to tell, show and cook or bake for you after that vacation – looking forward to seeing you back in October!