I recently got paid three compliments in one day about basically the same thing – everything this blog is about. It started off with a nice compliment from a friend who lives abroad. She was due to come home for her annual visit and I was  going to cook for her one night. I remembered her saying she wanted me to make lavender panna cotta for dessert, and asking her what else she would like to see on the menu, she said: “I could eat my way through your entire blog!”. Well, if that isn’t one of the biggest compliments you can get as a food blogger…

The same day Fiona, a fellow blogger, left a comment saying that she hadn’t been here in a while, and “Your photography is even more lovely than I remember it being.”  As I’m still experimenting with my DSLR, that’s a great compliment.

And then another fellow blogger, Wendy, said on one of my dinner table posts: “I would love to be invited to a meal at your house!“. Great as it is to have food conversations with people around the world, wouldn’t it be even nicer to have some of them over for dinner once in a while – wish that was possible.

Which made me think: Isn’t it the greatest thing and the biggest compliment to have people out there, people unknown to you mostly, who read and like what you’re doing!

So as I missed this year’s blog anniversary and forgot to do anything special on here, I’d like to take this opportunity – again, I know, I’ve done it before… – to thank every single person who comes here to read, just look at the food pics, or even get inspired.

THANK YOU! And… I made chocolate bark for you…

It’s just a sneak peak, though, because although my three week vacation started this week and I made the chocolate bark two days ago, I’ve been busy and haven’t sorted through the pics yet. I will post the recipe this weekend.