Mustard-Stuffed Chicken

I’m not sure why this recipe is called mustard-stuffed chicken, because the filling consists mostly of cheese. Nevertheless, this is a great recipe that I use a lot, especially for guests. It’s quickly done but can also be prepared ahead and stored in the fridge until it goes in the oven.

I actually thought this was a recipe I had found in Prima magazine years ago, but found out only this last week that it’s from BBC Good Food.

A note on the preparation: I always halve the chicken breasts width-ways because I find one whole piece too large to handle on the plate, the smaller version is a nicer sized portion to serve, and it cooks a little quicker.

Due to the quality of bacon you can get here in Germany, I always need two slices for one (halved) piece of chicken. Also, having the chicken piece completely covered in bacon will make sure that most of the cheese stays inside the chicken instead of ending up on your baking sheet. Unfortunately, you won’t see much of the cheese in my pictures because the only bacon I could get was extremely thin and tore in all places when I wrapped it around the chicken, so a lot of the cheese escaped.

As you will notice, no seasoning is required for this dish. The cheddar and the bacon will take care of that as they’re both salty. If you want to counteract the saltiness, use 2 tbsp of mustard, I do that sometimes depending on the quality and saltiness of the bacon.

Mustard-Stuffed Chicken

After discovering that this was a BBC recipe that was still online, I didn’t want to commit plagiarism by posting it, so please go here for the BBC Good Food original recipe. Apart from the recipe, you’ll also find the nutritional values for this recipe as well as a tip on how to make Cheesy Baked Mushrooms if you prefer a vegetarian version.