A Crumbled Frozen Whipped Dessert

Two things I have to say. 1 – I seem to have this urge to make sweet things these days, even though I really, really didn’t want to do another sweet post. I’ll do my best to steer into a more savoury direction, and not just for your sake but for mine as well. 2 – I have no idea what this dessert is really called. All the Germans who know and make this couldn’t give me a name, nor did I find anything obvious by researching the three ingredients in English. The closest it comes to is Eton Mess with frozen berries. If anyone out there knows the proper name for this dessert – whether it’s English or German – let me know!

Raspberry Meringue Cream 01

However, it’s not really important what it’s called but how it tastes. Absolutely fantastic! Which you could probably have guessed by reading the ingredients list, because what’s not to like about cream, raspberries, and meringue…

This is done in no time at all, so if you keep meringues in your pantry and frozen berries in your freezer as staples, you’ll always have a quick and delicious dessert for friends who show up unannounced.

I didn’t state any measurements for the ingredients, because I’ve never measured them. It’s up to you, your taste, and the size of your serving bowl how much you’ll need.

Raspberry Meringue Cream 02

A Crumbled Frozen Whipped Dessert

whipping cream
frozen raspberries

Crumble the meringues – they will be unevenly crumbled, but that’s good. Whip the cream – if it’s available use heavy cream, if you’re in Germany or elsewhere with no access to heavy cream, use plain cream and whip it up with stabiliser. Refrigerate cream until shortly before assembling the dessert.

What gives this dessert its kick are the frozen raspberries, so assemble just before serving in order for them to be really frozen. In a serving bowl [glass is best because it shows off this pretty dessert], layer the cream, meringue and raspberries. Keep on layering right to the rim of your bowl, and finish with a few raspberries.

Raspberry Meringue Cream 03