Welcome To My Dinner Table – Part 7

I thought I was through with the dinner table series, when I found more pics on my hard drive yesterday. Trying to remember why I hadn’t considered posting them, it came back to me – one set were pictures of a potential dinner table that I had set up to see how it would look, one set was from around November 2011 that contained only four pics, all of them extremely shaky – must have had a very bad photo day and was perplexed as to why I hadn’t just deleted those.

The third set was from a dinner that took place in September last year. I was trying to go for an autumnal theme, and the set table looked really quite nice, the atmosphere was good, but I remember thinking that the pictures didn’t reflect that. Looking at them now, I don’t think they’re so bad. Not spectacular but they still bring back memories of a nice dinner and a good time.

I’d had the two green vases for a while but hadn’t used them yet, and I thought they went well with the yellow dahlias as a contrast. Then last year a must-have home accessory were those candles set in a piece of wood. During the dinner a loud noise that sounded like a shot told us that one of the glass candle holders inside the wood had burst…

Even though the dinner table shows signs of wear I decided against a tablecloth so the blank wood added to the rustic autumn theme.

As guest favours I had laid out a different type of hot chocolate sachet at each plate, thinking it would befit the coming of the cool season. They had funny names – reflecting their respective flavour – like White Wedding, Chill Bill, A Chocwork Orange, The Fudge, Insomnia, and Nude.

As for the menu – again, sadly I can’t remember it at all. Which reminds me that I had planned on writing the menus down because I can never remember. Guess I’ll have to remember to remember…