Grilled Peaches with Goat Cheese & Sweet Pesto

A few years ago, a local radio station started off what is now apparently a tradition – a grill party with Austrian chef Johann Lafer, live on the radio. A couple of days before the event the ingredients are announced, and a few hours before the grill party begins the recipes can be downloaded. Participating listeners then have a grill party at their own homes and grill simultaneously with the chef on the radio. Luckily friends of mine who often invite me to BBQs decided to try this recipe.

Making the sweet pesto is quite hazardous – because you’re in danger of having nothing left for the grilled peaches. The smell alone is fantastic, and you want to constantly try some while making it, just a little spoonful. Oh, come on, just one more… You get the picture.

The combination of grilled peaches, goat cheese and sweet pesto is absolutely heavenly. We had this last weekend, and I’m sure I’ll recreate this using my oven grill because I can’t wait for the next BBQ.

Grilled Peaches with Goat Cheese & Sweet Pesto

4 peaches
200 g creamy goat cheese
icing sugar for dusting

1 bunch fresh mint
3 basil stems
75 ml sunflower oil
75 g icing sugar
juice of 1 lime

For the pesto, pluck basil and mint leaves off the stems, and purée together with oil, icing sugar and lime juice to make a fine pesto.

Wash and dry the peaches, halve them and remove stones. Fill the hollow spaces left by the stones with goat cheese. Dust each peach half with icing sugar and slowly grill on both sides.

To serve, pour a little pesto over each peach half, and garnish with a mint leaf.