Finally, the nominees…

…for the One Lovely Blog award that I received from Dan at Mon Food Blog.

I’ve actually discovered quite a few new blogs (new to me, that is), mainly by browsing other people’s blogrolls. So this time it wasn’t so hard to pass on this award, even though I have only 13 instead of 15 nominations. I’m not complaining here when I say it was hard the last few times to find blogs to nominate, but it’s quite time-consuming to pass on these awards. I tried to find out first whether people had already received that same award so they wouldn’t be getting it for the third time, some awards require nominating blogs with less than 200 followers and so on.

Also, I’ve experienced very mixed reactions from people I’ve nominated in the past. Seems not everyone is as pleased to get an award as I am, and it leaves you with mixed feelings about these awards, too.

I’d say about one-fourth of the nominees were quite happy to be nominated. One-fourth said “thank you but I’m not really interested as I want to concentrate on my blog and don’t want to have time taken away from that by dealing with this award stuff” (which they have every right to). One-fourth said thank you but never seemed to have passed on the award nor mentioned it on their blogs. And the remaining fourth didn’t react to being nominated at all. No thank you, no I’ve taken note of it, just nothing. And that last bit I consider a bit rude after someone has taken the time and made an effort, and maybe sent readers their way. Have I mentioned before that I’m a stickler for netiquette…

However, still humming with the happy feeling of having received the One Lovely Blog award, here are the blogs I nominate, as usual in no particular order. Maybe you’ll find and enjoy some that you haven’t come across before.


I feel the need to clarify (and possibly mollify) what I said about people’s reactions to getting an award.  It wasn’t meant to be or even sound like a rant – I just wanted to write about my experiences with passing on awards, and I want to assure everyone that it’s perfectly alright for nominees not to want to participate. It’s their right, and they have their reasons.

So I hope none of the nominees (or other readers) will think I’m a ranting lunatic and feel pressured to respond in any way :-).

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