Puff Pastry Delight…

…or a quick fix for sweet cravings. I’m sure you’re familiar with this scenario: you’re chilling on the couch, good (e)book in one hand, steaming cup of coffee in the other. And then it suddenly hits you. A craving for something sweet. You need a cookie, a piece of cake, pastry… and quick. But it’s a holiday, the shops are closed, and you have neither the patience to bake something elaborate nor the makings for it.

Puff Pastry Delight 01

That’s when I remember I have a roll of puff pastry in the fridge, half a tub of ricotta, and frozen raspberries. I’m sure something can be made from this. Add a pack of vanilla sugar and some chocolate sprinkles, and I’m off to the kitchen.

Although I have to admit I was doubtful about the ricotta thing. I’d have preferred some kind of custard for a filling but couldn’t be bothered. The little voice in my head that wanted to have this the quickest way possible said this would turn out OK, and it did. Still, if the craving hits again I’ll use whipped cream for the filling.

Puff Pastry Delight 02

There’s not much of a recipe really. Just cut out an even number of discs from the puff pastry with a cookie cutter, put chocolate sprinkles on half of them, bake for about 20 minutes (middle shelf, fan oven) at 180°C.

Meanwhile, take some frozen raspberries and let them thaw a little. Don’t put in the microwave nor thaw completely – they mustn’t get mushy but need to have some bite left.

Puff Pastry Delight 03

Mix ricotta with a tablespoon of cream cheese and a tablespoon of cream, mix in vanilla sugar, and refrigerate.

Once the puff pastry is done, let cool a little. Then put some ricotta on each chocolate sprinkled half, lightly press some raspberries onto the ricotta, and top with a plain puff pastry disc. Dust with icing sugar and top with a raspberry each.


Puff Pastry Delight 04